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Our Mission
The Yen-Li Chen Ballet School is committed to providing the highest level of Ballet training in a comfortable and nurturing setting. The School will provide children and adults with the opportunity to pursue their love of dance and train towards a professional career or simply enjoy the physical and emotional benefits of excellent dance training. Ms. Chen believes that the benefits of professional ballet training extend far beyond the dance studio and provide children with self-discipline, self-confidence, a sense of teamwork and physical well being. For adults, the school will provide a very enjoyable way to stay fit and meet other dance enthusiasts.

An introduction to dance for children 4-7 years of age.
Students learn coordination, ballet terminology, pantomime and rhythm exercises.

Students learn basic ballet technique, correct posture, improvisation and musicality.

Students continue their training with more advanced steps, adding adagio,
pirouetts and allergro as well as an introduction to pointe work.

Students refine their technique and develop performing skills. Other styles of training are included.
More advanced pointe work and additional repertoire are introduced.

Adult - Beginning to Advanced
Adult classes are for those wishing to stay fit, develop good muscle tone and enjoy dancing.

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